Madoc Marmora Childcare Daycare Services
Welcome to the Central Hastings Early Education and Childcare!

We share with parents the role of raising children to be responsible and creative people. Through a variety of fun activities both structured and unstructured we hope to help the child develop physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. CHEEC is a place where a child can grow at his own level, in his own time.

Childcare Programs
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Infant Program (birth to 18 mths)

Our infant program is a nurturing program designed for your baby to develop cognitive and social skills in a warm and caring environment. We offer educational toys to challenge their little bodies and minds during early development.

Toddler Program (18-30 mths)

Our Toddler program is a balance between nurturing and play in a safe environment. At this stage in development your tot has already taken their first step, spoke their first word and are ready to develop relationships with others.

Preschool Program (30 mths - 5 yrs)

Our Preschool Program is unique in that your child is learning independence but also gaining experience of group play. At this age your child is very curious about the world around them and are anxious to explore it.

About Us

Central Hastings Early Education and Childcare is a charitable non-profit co-operative organization, incorporated by Letters Patent January 26, 1989. The affairs of CHEEC are run by a volunteer Board of Directors. As a co-operative group, every member is required to participate in the various community and fund raising activities throughout the year.